Our Charter

The Yana Foundation
is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is defined in the corporate by laws as follows:

Alcoholism is a disease recognized by the American Medical Association. It is incurable but can be controlled by group therapy and education in the practice of principles such as are propounded by Alcoholics Anonymous. It is the purpose of this foundation:

1. To encourage abstinence;
2. To maintain a library and disseminate literature concerning the adverse effects from the use of alcohol;
3. To disseminate literature outlining the steps to recovery and continued abstinence;
4. To provide facilities for the holding of group meetings;
5. To provide regular meeting dates for group therapy; and
6. To do all other things that may be useful or helpful in the promotion of abstinence in the use of alcohol.

Organized by a group of dedicated individuals in 1977, the Yana Foundation now owns its own building and makes space available weekly for 25 separate groups of Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon Family Groups, and Adult Children of Alcoholics, as well as to special groups conducting workshops in the furtherance of the stated purposes of the Foundation.

From it small beginnings in 1977, the Yana Foundation has grown to a membership of approximately 200 individuals. Currently over 1,000 persons a week are using the Yana Foundation’s facilities.

The work of the Foundation is carried out by an elected Board of Directors who donate their time and energy to further the expressed purposes, to maintain the facilities, and to plan for future growth and expansion.